ARTY FRAGRANCE Home Scent Diffuser BAROCKO 100 ml

In comparison, this Barocko Home Scent  is an interpretation of baroque music, adopting a major accord of Eau de Cologne, created 1695 on a lively, fresh and tonic citrus theme. It is contrasted with lingering base notes of balm and spice and takes on a fanciful and irregular shape that is terribly baroque.
Olfactory description:

Lime and Bergamot, Labdanum, Benzoin, Tonka Bean

"I wanted to create an astonishing blend one might find in the golden age of baroque, giving a starring role to Eau de Cologne created in 1695. A refreshing composition of tonic and citrusy major notes, it reveals a new facet of its identity. Melded with the subdued notes of benzoin, rockrose and spices, it grows richer, with greater depth and mystery."

Elisabeth de Feydeau

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