Luxurious Massage Candle “ Alcôve Royal”

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Massage Candle “Alcôve Royal “
is an exclusive creation of Arty Fragrance by Elisabeth de Feydeau Versailles France
Absolute of Cocoa, Vanilla Bourbon, Amber gris

"The recipe for “ triple-vanilla chocolate with ambergris ” won over Louis XV, who made it a ritual and love potion that he shared with his favorite, Madame de Pompadour. She had a secret weakness: in the royal chamber, she was not a great lover. The love potion she shared with the King was a "triple-vanilla chocolate with ambergris", an aphrodisiac popular with Libertines that awakened the senses. Served with its macaroon perfumed with musk, this thick and sensual elixir was as sweet as it was aphrodisiac. "

Elisabeth de Feydeau
The massage candle "Alcôve Royale" reflects the scents of the delights of seduction. The massage candle Alcôve Royale reflects the harmony of these scents and the essence of the delight of seduction. The vanilla sweetens the bitterness of cocoa, the ambergris offers its subtle animal touch, which is wrapped in the warmth of the musk. An aura of scents and flavors penetrates the room where the Alcôve Royale candle shines, bringing the lovers intimacy and delicious delight. As the candle burns, its natural wax becomes a thick, warm oil. Once the candle is out, this oil can be used for the massage ritual, which may now begin !

France !

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