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Marie Antoinette Beauty Secrets


IMarie Antoinette love to indulge in aromatic baths Rituals She will spike her bathe water with skin soothing pine nuts linseed and sweet almonds ,as well as gently exfoliate her skin with rice bran filled muslin pads 

As the Queen,take Skin Care matters in into your own hands


Queen's favorite astringent was EAU des CHARMES ,made of drops exuded by grapevines in May and of course fresh ROSE WATER the Queen favorite Flower 

Marie Antoinette Signature Mask -still very popular in France -for a fresh glowing skin ,was made from two teaspoons of circulation stimulating COGNAC ,1 quart of cell renewing DRY MILK POWDER ,brightening LEMON JUICE and ONE EGG WHITE 

Try an ALL -NATURAL Hair Color Boost

Marie Antoinette loved all-natural D.I.Y.elixirs for her hair 

To pull out her natural color ,strawberry blonde ,to increasev ibrancy she would apply plants based ingredients as TURMERIC ,SANDALWOOD,and RHUBARB

As the Queen ,surround yourself with FRAGRANCE 

To ensure a pleasant bedroom ambiance ,Marie Antoinette was filling her space with fresh flowers and potpourri ,as well as mist fragrance she was partial to rose ,jasmine ,tuberose and especially Orange Blossom -and apply Essential Oils ,such as Lavender,onto her body .

Antoinette was also notorious for her obsession with SIGNATURE FRAGRANCES ,looking for her personal perfumer Jean -Louis Fargeon to create her bespoke scents ,including ROSE JASMINE and BERGAMOT blends she kept with her ,even during her imprisonment in the Tower of Paris 


Marie-Antoinette Facial is a Royal Beauty Skin Care ,a Signature of SPA Institut Anca, an inspiration from the Historical Books ,testimonials of the Documents founded in Versailles archives ,about the 18th century Royal,s Beauty Secrets

Marie-Antoinette Facial is an exclusivity of SPA Institut Anca ,that we will be happy to make you discover. Come by and enjoy the  Tea Time with   Marie.-Antoinette Original Paris Tea, a complementary Service ,gracefully offered with the choice of the  Marie-Antoinette Beauty Facial 

 Signature Marie -Antoinette Facial